PWA American finished the season placing 3rd in their division with a 18-4-2 record.  Game 1 of the playoffs against the Quakers was a loss 1-3.  Game 2 was a win over Warwick 3-1.  This was a great triumph in itself as PWA American had a record against Warwick going back to preseason where PWA American won, then lost against them in the Summer Shout out Tournament.  Once the season started PWA lost to Warwick then tied them, breaking their winning streak.   Game 3 was against the Jr. Pens.  PWA American scored first and dominated but the game ended with a 3-3 tie.   The boys played 3 x 3 minute rounds of OT – 5 x5 minutes, 4 x 4 minutes and 3 x 3 minutes.  The OT rounds were intense and fast paced.  The game went to a shoot out.  Unfortunately the Jr. Pens beat PWA by 1 with a 3-2 result.  It was a tough loss for PWA American but the coaches praised them for their accomplishments this season and how told them how proud they were for all their efforts.  It was PWA’s most exciting game of the season!

Congratulations team!