Manager Resources

PA State Law Background Checks

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers are required by PA State Law to do the following background checks:

  1. Child Abuse Background Check
    Please go here:
    Create and account and start the process. This is free for volunteers. Please be sure to register as a VOLUNTEER. Do NOT pay for this - it is free
  2. PSP Criminal Check
    Fill out the form "Request for Criminal Record Check". Do NOT pay for this - it is free for volunteers.
  3. FBI Clearance 
    If you have been a resident in PA for at least 10 years, you may sign the  affidavit above.
    For those that have not lived in PA for 10 years, Fingerprinting is required.
    These people need to contact Joanne at for further instructions and the ID and Password.*These are all good for five years so if you did it last year you should be all set. They are all free for volunteers.

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