VFC Mites

Information for VFC Families

Documents for ALL Players

The following documents are required for ALL players.  Please provide to your Team Manager as they must hand in all forms as a complete package for the team

1. Current Contact Info: your Team Manager will be requesting you to confirm contact information and provide missing details, including player’s first and last name, game jersey #, date of birth, wmail and cell # for each parent/guardian (including name), and address

2. USA Hockey 2106-167Registration Bar Code Confirmation Page

Link for registration: https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/

If already registered, a duplicate copy of the barcode confirmation can be obtained using the registration link, then scroll down and click “Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation” and enter the last name, DOB, and zip code

3. DVHL Code of Conduct: complete, sign, and hand page 4 to Team Manager


4. Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport (if not provided to VFC in any previous season): provide a paper copy, scan it, or take a picture with their phone and provide to their Manager.

Interested in Mites Games?

VFC has 4 Half-Ice Teams and 3 Cross-Ice Teams for the 2017-18 Season.

If interested in scheduling games, please contact the VFC Mite Program Master Scheduler, Laurie Jo Kavanagh at vfcmites@yahoo.com